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HMS Cardigan Bay

RFA Cardigan Bay

UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary
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CARDIGAN BAY was originally named LOCH LAXFORD as part of the Loch class AS frigate building programme, but 26 Lochs were scheduled for completion as Bay class AA frigates, named after bays in the United Kingdom. Only 19 were eventually completed as Bays; 2 were completed as despatch vessels, 4 as survey vessels and 1 cancelled.

HMS CARDIGAN BAY was built by Henry Robb Ltd, Leith.

Displacement 1580 tons standard

Length overall 307ft 3ins

Beam 38ft 6ins

Draught 12ft 9 ins

Boilers 2 x Admiralty 3-drum oil-fired boilers operating at 225 lb/sq in

Engines 4-cylinder triple expansion reciprocating engines driving 2 shafts
giving a total of 5500 ihp

Speed 19 - 20 knots

Oil Fuel 720 tons

Guns 4 x 4-inch AA (2 x 2) 6 x 40mm AA (2 x 2)(2 x 1) 6 x 20mm AA (6 x 1)
(Single 20mm and 40mm fit was variable)

AS Weapons 1 x Hedgehog 24-spigot mortar
4 x depth-charge throwers and 2 x depth-charge rails

Complement 157

A more full and lengthy explanation of the ships history is available here.

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