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Anyone Remeber Jock Condie? if so, please get in touch with his Son...

I am researching my family tree and would like to ask if any of your members possibly remember my father.
His name was Edward Condie Dick, originally from Edinburgh so probably known as Eddie or Jock, or possibly
Ginger, for obvious reasons. I remember he told me when i was young that he was an A/B and possibly he was
a diver but i have nothing to confirm this. I know his official number started DSSX so he was a Guzz rating.
Dad told me stories of the mig incident and i remember seeing his Korean medals, again when i was much younger.
So i am assuming he was in the area at the time of 1950 ish or on the Cardigan bay or Castor castle
( the only two ships he ever mentioned with a gleam in his eye). Unfortunately dad passed away in 2002 and we
were not that close towards the end. I myself joined the mob in 1976 leaving 1990 as a Cpo mea ml ( sm ) , i was a
mechanician ( ex stoker ) but they waved the magic wand and turned us all into tiffs. I am now serving offshore
Brasil on a British merchant dive vessel as an engineer officer. So i did not get much time at home to swing the
lamp and here dads dits. I would appreciate any news at all, anecdotes, any possible photocopies, or scans of
photo,s dad was in , etc etc. I am only sorry that i did not look sooner and find your website when dad was alive ,
i am sure he would have loved to get in touch. Your website is a credit to you all and keeps the Cardigan bay alive.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

James Dirk, ( Jim )..................................

Dear Ron,

My name is Graham Smith, I was the youngest boy seaman on the Cardigan Bay from 25/1/49 to 14/2/51.

In your "Bits and Bobs" section, a Mr. James Dick asks if anyone has any information about "Eddy" Dick, would you ask Mr. James Dick if his father was born about 1931/1932, if so we may have been shipmates for about four years, [as it is unlikely that there could have been two Eddy Dicks who served on the Cardigan Bay]. I may be able to fill in a few gaps in his father's history.

Kind regards

Graham Smith

News and views or, Bits & Bobs are needed for this page. If anyone has anything of interest please send it in.

To assist in finding lost shipmates, please supply as much information about them as you can e.g full name, occupation e.g, able seaman, gunner, asdic operator, radar, telegraphist, signalman etc and the dates he was on board, in fact anything you can think of that will help.

As for a contact address, it is our policy not to divulge the contact details of our Association members unless we have their express permission so if you wish to place an advertisement to try and find an old shipmate/pal please send your request to me via our “Lost and Found” page, likewise, anyone trying to make contact in response to a request for help should send an email to the address above and I will arrange for your response to be forwarded to the correct person.

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